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Support a child

At Kivukoni School we have been using a banded fee structure to allow children from a wide range of backgrounds to enjoy high quality education.


We believe the diversity of the children enriches the school environment and learning experience of the children, even more than our unique environment and holistic approach. Sharing different stories and adventures from the past, but integrating these into the same lessons and adventures in the present, the children build a better future. 

You can support a child from the local community, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to come to Kivukoni School, for as little as ....

For privacy reasons we do not publish supported children's pictures on this website, though upon confirmation of a sponsorship you will receive more information about the pupil you sponsor. 

"We cannot build our future without helping others to build theirs" - Bill Clinton

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You are a trained teacher, or training to become one, and are ready for a challenge and adventure. Kivukoni School is a place where not only children love to learn, but teachers are constantly developing too! 

If you think you've got it in you to work in a tropical climate, learn the names of over 130 pupils and contribute to their Early Years or Primary Education, we would love to hear from you!

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Books and other resources

With only a limited selection of books and resources available in Kenya, we are always looking for more topic books, reading materials or other resources for our wide variety of lessons within the school. 

Sports? Old hockey sticks/ rackets/ balls etc

School exchanges/ fundraisers?


Lucy Oliff 

School Director

Kivukoni School is a non-profit institution....


Community events

Community support


International exposure/ exchanges


Examples: Alicia, Peewee NYTK etc


Vote of thanks to KEMRI/ individuals who should be mentioned

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