'Where children love to learn'
Being a place where children love to learn is our goal. Being a young school, open since January 2011, we have constantly grown and developed with the children. Together with the parents and pupils we have build and created a unique learning environment, in a unique location surrounded by greens and blues. Currently we are offering education from Playgroup (age 2+) to Year 8, in classes no bigger than 25 pupils.
Following the British Curriculum with the Kenyan context and a strong focus on the natural environment around us, we offer high quality education to a wide range of pupils. Many of our students integrate into 8-4-4 after Kivukoni, where others move on to other international schools inside or outside the country. 
The current pupil population is 172.
'Amazing school. Amazing teachers. Amazing location.' 
A parent review on our Facebook page (11/1/2017)
Our Philosophy

Inspiring children is our job! Making them the best they can possibly be our aim.

At Kivukoni we try to make learning interesting, both inside and out of the classroom to encourage all children to bring out the best in them. This is reflected in our Vision and Mission:

Kivukoni School's vision is to be a uniquely stimulating Primary School and Learning Centre for Coast province, in Kenya.

Working closely with staff and parents, the mission of Kivukoni School is to provide affordable, high quality and broad-based education to children of different cultural backgrounds; to support their love of learning and to nurture each child's holistic growth.

The changes from the air between 2011 (left) - 2017 (right)

Our History

2011: Kivukoni opens its ‘doors’ on 11/1/2011 with 36 happy children. We have 5 classes only (PG-YR2).

In July 2011 we held our official opening ceremony – in the form of a children’s circus! 


2012: start of Year 3, and completion of the Computer and Music block. Start of our Wangari Maathai indigenous forest. Fantastic end of year show – “Babushka!”


2013: – more building – as we saw the need for another class-block and a dining room! We reached the 100 pupil milestone. We also enjoyed the nursery’s Nativity and  “the Emerald Crown” performance.


2014: a new inspiring Art and Design room– and just one more classroom! We took part in the Elephant march, adopted ‘Kivuko’ – an orphaned elephant – and were part of an appeal to the government to help protect this species. And our end of year show was 'Tuishi Pamoja'!

2015 – a full school to Year 6, a new ‘circle’ play area and netball pitch, new computers – and most excitingly of all; access to the spectacular 25 meter pool! We ended the year with the Ocean Commotion show.

2016 - a new bookstore and flexi learning spaces, new offices for the expanding staff and a new store and workshop, it does seem to never stop!

We ended the year with a special Christmas story and the classic 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin'.

2017 - plans for YR 7 & 8 come to live. More building once again and more specialist teachers on board! A new storytelling spot, a revamped playground and more plans for development... Watch this space!

2018 - more big things are happening: a new sports pitch (graded, re-grassed and extended), sports store and PE hall boost the Sports Department significantly. More toilets and extended classrooms in the Early Years.