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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
Kivukoni Nursery section consists of Playgroup (PG), Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) and FS2, or otherwise referred to as the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our Early Years teachers are a wonderful team; trained locally with many years of experience in the British system, which prioritises the development of self-esteem, expression and creative thinking in children. Their classes are well resourced and designed to make Kivukoni a place where children really do love to learn.

English is the predominant teaching language, although Kiswahili is widely used in conversation as well as in some learning activities. The multi-cultural population of Kivukoni enables all the children to become familiar with languages, religions and ways of life other than their own from a young age. We nurture this concept as it is a great opportunity for the children of today to deal with the changes and challenges of tomorrow’s world.

In the Early Years children focus on learning through play and varied 'free-flow' learning stations.  They enjoy a lot of time outdoors in the expansive school environment, and take part in swimming and sports from an early age.

Children will learn how to read in FS2, after laying the foundation for sounds and letters in FS1.
Schemes such as Jolly Phonics are used to help the children enjoy learning the many different sounds in the English language.

A love of reading is nurtured from an early age, and children from the older years enjoy stories with the little ones every week too.

Early Years children are not exposed to tests or exams, but rather continual assessment and support by the teachers and assistants. Children receive written reports twice a year, and parents are invited for parent-meetings at different points during the year also.  We love our parents to take an active role in the children's learning journey; our doors are always open to you!


Children are accepted into Playgroup from the age of 2 (as of Sept 1st), dependent on their willingness to attend and ability to communicate their basic needs. In playgroup they learn the many new skills required for young ones to be away from home, and to work and play as part of a group! They enjoy outdoor learning, and many creative and lively language and music activities, nurturing their desire to communicate, sing and to get writing and drawing. They leave school after a healthy lunch at 1pm daily.


Children move up to FS1 generally when they are 3 years, turning 4. Here they begin to be accustomed to some more structured learning, letter sounds and formation and numbers whilst still enjoying plenty of creative activities, free play and exploration of the wonderful world around them. They start to have two long days a week, until 4.10pm, where sports, swimming, and other extra-curricular activities are enjoyed, as well as integration with older children in the school.



FS2 (generally aged 4/5) finds the children keen and willing to start putting sounds and letters together after their playful foundation in FS1. This is a wonderfully exciting stage, and generally the children, having been well prepared and set to go, thoroughly enjoy their journey into the world of words, letters and books.

All classes in the Nursery enjoy a range of free play and outdoor activities, including field trips where they explore the wonderful environments around them, both marine and forest, using the natural resources to explore new concepts and arouse their curiosity in the natural world. They hugely enjoy these outdoor learning opportunities and it is something we feel very fortunate to be able to offer here at Kivukoni.

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