Welcome to Kivukoni School,

Are you ready for your child(ren) to come to a place where children love to learn? Where children mostly walk around barefoot and jump up to go to class as soon as the bell rings. A place that is not only child friendly, but also nature friendly. Open classrooms, small class sizes and dedicated teachers. 

The things other parents most enjoy about our school is that the children are strong English speakers, there is a strong focus on creative thinking and that it is in such a wonderful setting. 

Compared to other international schools our fee structure is compatible, yet affordable. Working with a banded fee structure (striving for a wider access for children from different backgrounds), we can tell you more upon request.

You are always welcome to come and experience the school in action yourself, just fill out the form below to book an appointment. During this first meeting we can plan for an assessment to determine which class your child would join.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


To request more information:

Contact the Administration

Monday - Friday  8.30am - 4.30pm

T: +254 7 00336515
E: admin@kivukoni.co.ke

You can also request more information or book an appointment via this form: