Welcome to Kivukoni School,

Are you ready for your children to join a community where children love to learn?
Where children walk barefoot and jump up to go to class as soon as the bell rings?

A place that is both child and nature friendly- solar powered, healthy and holistic?

A place where they are already making the world a better place, just by joining us!

What parents most enjoy about our school is the warmth, creativity and dedicated teachers. The students are also noted for being confident and communicative, curious and engaging, and of course, ambassadors for the environment and change for the better!

Compared to other international schools with resources of this nature, our fee structure is very fair.
Please find the standard fee structure here.
We are also proud of our generous bursary scheme (striving for a wider access for children from different backgrounds), and we hope to sustain it for years to come. If interested, please email admin@kivukoni.co.ke for more info on the bursary scheme.

You are always welcome to come and experience the school in action yourself;  just fill out the form below to book an appointment, and to hear more about payment options.
During this first meeting we will  determine which class your child would join. 

Some classes are now full, but have a waiting list system in place. 


We look forward to seeing you soon!

We are proud of our healthy, wholesome school food - freshly prepared in our kitchens every day.


You are what you eat!

To request more information:

Contact the Administration

Monday - Friday  8.30am - 4.30pm

T: +254 700  336515
E: admin@kivukoni.co.ke

You can also request more information or book an appointment via this form: