The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
Kivukoni Nursery section consists of Playgroup (PG), Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) and FS2, or otherwise referred to as the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our Early Years teachers are a wonderful team; trained locally with many years of experience in the British system, which prioritises the development of self-esteem, expression and creative thinking in children. Their classes are well resourced and designed to make Kivukoni a place where children really do love to learn.

English is the predominant teaching language, although Kiswahili is widely used in conversation as well as in some learning activities. The multi-cultural population of Kivukoni enables all the children to become familiar with languages, religions and ways of life other than their own from a young age. We nurture this concept as it is a great opportunity for the children of today to deal with the changes and challenges of tomorrow’s world.

Primary School


The Primary section in the international system starts with children aged 5/6 in Year 1 and leads up to Year 6. Since 2014/2015 this means Kivukoni has been a full GCSE Primary School. The Primary section is split into two Key Stages: Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2). At the end of KS2, in Year 6, the children do their final Edexcel exams.

Continuing from the foundation laid in the Early Years, we teach encouraging the development of self-esteem, expression and creative thinking in the Primary Years. And our motto remains to be a place where children love to learn.


Throughout the school we use topic based learning, giving each class a theme to study each term. This could be ‘Oceans and Seas’, ‘World travels’, ‘Ancient Egypt’ or ‘Food and Farming’ for example. By using topic focused education a whole new world comes to life for the children, giving context and meaning to what they do in class. This is often reflected in the colourful class assemblies that take place every term.

Secondary School

Year 7 and 8 starting in September 2017.

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